Loop Minnesota is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advocacy for hearing accessibility. Making cutting edge hearing technology more readily available is our mission. This is done through education and promotion of hearing loop system technology. The telecoil is a component of the hearing loop system that allows people with hearing loss to have the ability to hear clearer in public and actually have full control of the volume.This is technology that can transform the way in which the hearing impaired interact in public buildings.

Supporting Loop Standards

Telecoil TechnologyNot only does Loop Minnesota promote the education of hearing loop technology and telecoil technology, but it also supports strong standards for loops. Making sure that real improvements are made is the overriding mission of this non-profit. Social situations where a large number of people are gathered can be the most difficult spaces for the hearing impaired to interact and function. However, the telecoil is specifically designed to be compatible with the loop system and allow the hearing impaired to discretely cut down on surrounding noise and focus on the voice of the presenter.

How Does it Work?

The hearing loop system is infused with cutting edge technology that offers a wide array of benefits to the hearing impaired. Any room or open space can be fitted with a wire loop or array of loops to connect directly to an amplifier. This specially designed amplifier is also connected to a microphone that the speaker can talk directly into. Those with hearing impairments can turn on the telecoil of their listening device and immediately reduce all background noise. This allows for the presenters voice to be heard more clearly. The best part is that those with hearing loss are not required to wear obtrusive headsets and can simply use their own listening device. This allows them to discretely turn up the volume and improve their listening abilities.

How Does the Telecoil Work?

The technology works in a unique way to be compatible with hearing loop systems. It picks up the magnetic field that flows through the room due to the electrical signal that is sent through the loop wires. The telecoil can then simply be turned on within the hearing aid to pick up this magnetic signal. This signal is then generated into an electrical signal that amplifies the hearing capabilities of the hearing aid device directly into the ear of the hearing impaired.

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