Those living with hearing loss face a number of challenges each and every day. The goal of Loop Minnesota is to further advocacy for hearing accessibility and to enhance the hearing abilities of those dealing with hearing impairments. The technology does exist to make great strides, but it needs to be utilized in the most effective fashion. T Coil technology is what can change the way people with hearing loss interact in public buildings and facilities.

What Are Hearing Loop Systems?

T Coil Technology

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The hearing loop is the technology that Loop Minnesota is excited and passionate about promoting. It is a full assistive hearing device that includes the use of a T Coil. A wire loop or several loop arrays are installed in a large building or open space. These loop arrays are then connected to a specially designed amplifier. The amplifier is attached to a microphone or computer audio outlet. All the person with hearing loss has to do is turn on their T Coil to adjust the sound of the presenter. Using the telecoil system allows you to get rid of background noise and allows for the voice of the presenter to become much clearer.

Where Can They Be Installed?

Europe has made great strides in promoting advocacy for those with hearing loss by having hearing loop systems installed in many public places. This includes bank windows, taxis, hospitals, government buildings and other facilities that need to be made more accessible to the hearing impaired. A lot can be learned from the Europe model and Loop Minnesota is interested in taking their lead and having hearing loop systems installed in many public buildings. And Loop Minnesota has also installed the system into many public buildings here in the state.

What Benefits Are Made Available?

The biggest benefit that can be gained from the installation of hearing loop systems and the use of the T Coil is clearer sound. People with T-coils have the ability to adjust the volume of the presenter on their own. This gives them more control and will go far to make the hearing impaired feel more comfortable in public settings. It is also possible to use the T-coil in a way to give people with hearing loss much more privacy. Those with hearing impairments will not be required to wear headsets and will have the ability to maintain a low profile. This is a huge benefit and is a major reason why hearing loop systems should be installed in buildings all over.

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