We are a non-profit organization that feels very strongly about the furthering of hearing technology. Making sure that all groups of people have access to the latest hearing technology is our mission. The hearing loop is an assistive hearing device that has been specifically designed to enhance hearing capabilities substantially. Loop Minnesota will continue to work tirelessly to support increased standards for the hearing loop and encourage people to learn more about T Coil technology. This is an initiative that will only continue to grow with time.

What Are The Goals

Hearing Loop TechnologyThe goals for Loop Minnesota are far reaching and multifaceted. Encouraging education surrounding the hearing loop is key. The more knowledge that exists will only allow hearing accessibility to be promoted. Allowing all people to learn about how hearing loops work and how T Coil technology was designed is a big part of our mission.

The audiences that we are looking to educate about the loop are not only just those experiencing hearing loss, but also audiologists, hearing aid providers, building owners and the public as a whole. The facilities that we are striving to get looped include churches, offices, conference centers and even hospitals.

Success is Attainable

We know that our mission to further loop education is possible. The Europe model is something that we can look to for advice. In Europe, loops have been installed in bank windows, airports and even taxis. These loops have changed the way that hearing accessibility is made available. The time is now to follow the Europe model and implement some of these strategies in the states. The success of the hearing loops that have been seen in Europe can be duplicated here in the United States.

Real Improvements Seen With Hearing Loops

Living with hearing loss is something that can be made easier if hearing loss advocacy is promoted. There is cutting edge technology that is available to allow for improved hearing no matter how severe your hearing loss condition has become. We are very interested in working with the public to help those dealing with hearing loss or those that are interested in this mission.

You can get involved today and see how positive this non-profit organization can be to the hearing impaired of Minnesota. Meetings take place regularly and the public is invited to become a part of this hearing loss advocacy group. All upcoming projects are discussed at these meetings.

To find out more information about Hearing Loops click the purple button below or contact us today at: 952-767-0672.

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