Technology is what leads to innovation and groundbreaking discoveries. The biggest technology in hearing assistive hearing devices is the hearing loop system. This type of device is revolutionary and can transform the way that those with hearing loss can function. Loop Minnesota is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping those with hearing loss and furthering advocacy for hearing accessibility. Great strides have been made through the development of hearing technology and now the hearing loop system must be installed to further this initiative.

Who Needs to Learn About the Hearing Loop System?

Hearing Loop SystemWe feel that this hearing technology needs to be spread to not only those with hearing loss, but also those with the ability to increase awareness. This means that we work to educate people dealing with hearing loss, audiologists, hearing aid providers, building owners and the public. Hearing loss is an issue that effects a large number of people and with the advancement of the hearing loop system many lives can be improved.

What is a Hearing Loop?

The hearing loop system is an assistive hearing device that can be installed in many types of rooms or spaces. These wire loops are connected to specially designed amplifiers and microphones that can be turned on using a T Coil. The person with the hearing loss simply turns on the T Coil in their hearing aid and have the ability to hear. The sound is enhanced and all of the background noise is reduced to help improve hearing as much as possible. This is the perfect type of technology to be used in any type of public building.

What Benefits Can Be Gained From The Use of Hearing Loop Systems?

Not only is this type of technology infused with cutting edge innovation, but it is also extremely beneficial. The advantages to using the hearing loop vary greatly and include so much more than just clearer sound. People suffering with hearing loss have the ability to adjust their T Coil in a way to hear the presenter as loud as they desire. This means that the person with hearing loss is the one in control of the volume. Those with hearing loss are not required to wear headsets, which means that their hearing loss is kept discrete and not broadcasted to the entire building. This technology can change the way that people with hearing loss interact in public buildings.

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