Loop Minnesota is a non-profit a 501(c)3 organization that is dedicated to:Loop Minnesota Group

Advocacy for hearing accessibility and better hearing for groups – we assess and promote whatever is the appropriate technology.

Loop Minnesota sets out to help each client (building, facility, owner manager) make real improvements to help those with hearing loss hear everything in meetings or events.

Loop Minnesota will support the standards for loops: Loops must meet the International Standard for Audio Frequency Induction Loops for Hearing IEC 60118-4 to ensure that those with hearing loss get un-distorted signals and can hear clearly.

Goals of Loop Minnesota

    1. Education – help people learn about looping and T-coils
    2. Audiences
      1. People with hearing loss
      2. Audiologists
      3. Hearing Aid providers
      4. Building owners and managers
      5. The public
    3. Get some Examples Out there – get some facilities looped
      1. Churches
      2. Office Conference rooms
      3. Conference Centers (with an auditorium)
      4. Hospitals

Europe – A Model

Loop Minnesota plans to use the European model – loops at bank windows, airports, taxi cabs, conference centers, etc. These loops have been extremely successful in many countries in Europe.

Loop Minnesota Board with Brian Hoffman St Louis Park

Loop Minnesota Board with Brian Hoffman St Louis Park

About Loop Minnesota

Dick Goter – President
Dick Davis – Treasurer
Sandra Stanley – Secretary (Acting)
Kim Fishman – Director at Large, Chair, Membership Committee